The registrations are open!

How to sign up

  1. Select in which tournament your team wants to participate, so the indoors- or outdoorstournament. The outdoors tournament is from recreational level to a medior level of volleyball. The indoorstournament is from a medior to a high level of volleyball. You have to fill in your team name, name of the team captain and his/her e-mail adress directly.
  2. You can add a night’s stay at the campsite, breakfast and supper to your liking. Do not forget to adjust the order to the amount of people in your team. Please also send us the names of your team members who will be using the campsite, breakfast and/or supper via
  3. Fill out the other registration details and pay by the method of your liking to complete your registration.
  4. Participate in the most fun volleyball tournament of the Netherlands!
  5. When there are not enough registrations for the mix poule, the signed up mix teams will be put into the men’s poule. 
Sign up!