ITCG/DKV Tournament 2016
3, 4 & 5 June 2016



Tournament Information
Information about this year's DKV Tournament.

The ITCG / DKV is one of the largest volleyball tournaments in the Northern Netherlands. It is organized by the three student volleyball clubs Groningen is home to, Donitas, Kroton and Veracles.

For example, teams from Germany, Belgium, England and the United States participate each year. This year, the 33rd edition is going to take place from the 3rd of June till the 5th of June at the Sports Centre (ACLO) at the Zernike complex in Groningen.

DKV annually attracts some 1,000 participants from home and abroad.


Go Back In Time!
This year's DKV party theme!

On the 10th of February the theme of this year's tournament was announced in a bar crowded with members of the clubs that form DKV. After a short, but powerful speech of our chairman, a video showded that we will go back in time with DKV this year!

On Friday the 3rd of June we will celebrate in the Club Kokomo that the DKV tournament is held for 33rd year and we will party as if we have to celebrate all those 33 years in one!

So bring all your old-fashioned clothes and your 80's and 90's accessories and celebrate with us that DKV will go back to it's roots!

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From now on the applications for the 33rd ITCG/DKV tournament are openend! So if you want attend amazing parties, play volleybal for two days and just relax, click the link below!


Every year the DKV crew organizes some great parties on the Friday and Saturday night of the tournament.

The tournament starts off with a party on Friday night in the Kokomo, situated in the city centre of the beautiful city of Groningen. This club is one of the most visited clubs in the centre of Groningen and can be found on directly next to the Grote Markt, the most important square of Groningen. In this club there will be partied until late. But be aware! There are still two days of volleyball matches ahead of you! Transportation for those who camp near the ACLO has been arranged by the organisation.

The next day, the party is much more close to the volleyball courts, because it is held in the canteen of the ACLO itself! So when you are tired of playing volleyball and have enjoyed a great meal, you do not need to cycle to another location! Of course, a special act has been arranged during this party, but this will remain a secret. But remember: you still have to shine on the volleyball courts the next day!

Sponsor Information
Possibilities as a sponser of DKV

The ITCG / DKV tournament would not exist without its sponsors. Some off the sponsors joined our tournament a couple off years back and are still running with us today, including our main sponsors ITCG and Netsupport.

Next to our main sponsors, were always on the lookout for new sponsors. Sponsors who want to be a part off our tournament or who want to make the tournament more attractive by selling products on the tournament days itself.

Do you want to be a sponsor and are you looking for what our tournament can do for you? Take a look at our sponsorship portfolio and decide for yourself.

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Our Sponsors
The great sponsors that made this years tournament happen!

The DKV-Team
The team that made this years tournament happen!

Michiel Groothuis
Maaike Walgemoed
Bart Haddink
Bart Snijdelaar
Binnen CO
Jorien van Weenen
Algemeen CO
Karin te Grootenhuis
Akkelien van Rij
Feest CO
Sandra Dijkstra
Buiten CO
Jolien ten Kate

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